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Design Statement

At sba architects ltd. we believe that architecture should echo the spirit of a place and be for the people and communities that inhabit these places.


We believe that architecture is an art form which is to be accessible and enjoyed by everyone. Architecture should complement its environment both aesthetically and ecologically; it should sit seamlessly within its context and in the end be fit for its intended purpose.


Buildings should reflect their individual situations and use materials from their surroundings. It is for this reason that we are particularly concerned with conservation, vernacular and learning from the past.


As Architecture is an art form our buildings first start with an idea; how it looks, how it fits and how it is in the environment. Whether it is urban or rural a building should harmonise and feel comfortable with its neighbours. Ultimately it should always improve with the action of time.


Through our buildings we aim to enhance local identity; encouraging and maintaining an innate sense of place. By design we aspire to strengthen the occupants feeling of ownership, not only of the bricks and mortar, but their surroundings. This sense of proprietary leads to a greater awareness and respect of an individual’s environment.


To further deepen the sense of place we put great emphasis on the use of local materials; materials which have been used in centuries of building, which have been moulded and crafted to create a distinctive regional identity. Through the use of local materials we promote the training and development of traditional skills. Local materials together with traditional skills have evolved to harmonise and resist environmental conditions specific to each locale; this we respect, accept and embrace.


Below is a short film produced by Mikel Toms ( The film illustrates and gives a narrative to selected works by Stuart Bagshaw of sba architects ltd.


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