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Western Isles Fuel Poverty 

Demonstration House

The Research

For a number of years we at sba architects have been increasingly concerned with the problem of fuel poverty in the Western Isles. It has come to our attention that a contributory factor in the creation of this crisis is the poor build quality of traditional Hebridean croft houses. Draughty and poorly insulated it is well known to islanders that old croft houses can be cold and damp. Subsequently as many croft houses no longer meet contemporary expectations they have become disused and abandoned leaving a blight on the landscape.  


It is for this reason that we are currently in collaboration with Tighean Innse Gall (TIG) and The Energy Advisory Service in researching the opportunity of transforming our abandoned croft houses into warm comfortable modern homes by utilising renewable energy and high quality construction methods.


We have created a short film which illustrates the problem as well as the simple steps we propose to take to address the issue. 

Photography by John Maher, The Flying Monk

A Sense of Place

The Architecture of Stuart Bagshaw

A short film produced by Mikel Toms of First Creative. In the film, Principle Architect Stuart Bagshaw at sba architects ltd. shares his philosophy on Architecture. This is further illustrated through the design process of past projects.

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