Borve Estate

Borve, Isle of Harris
Client | Private Client
Year | 2010

The twin houses are derived from the historical and traditional built forms found on the Western Isles, a Broch and a Blackhouse.


Rock Cottage takes cues from the traditional blackhouse; it lies low and hugs the landscape. The curved form deflects the prevailing Atlantic wind and its closeness to the land brings harmony between occupant and nature. The rugged edges recreate the form of rock terracing which is so common on the Isle of Harris.


In contrast, the Broch stands tall, commanding the hills like a defensive structure. Its elevation gives opportunity to survey the land from the protection and warmth of home. Its bold form could leave occupants feeling exposed but the thick stone walls which grow out of this land provide ample shelter.


The houses on Borve Estate are both confident and audacious design statements yet, they seamlessly fade into the Harris landscape.


Photography by Leila Angus, Brighter Still Photography


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