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The Whale

Client | Ullapool Harbour Trust
Year | Unrealised

This project designed by SBA Architects Ltd is to provide a shelter for Ullapool Harbour users waiting at the pontoons. The client was the Ullapool Harbour Trust.


The artwork takes inspiration from the heritage of Ullapool and takes the form of a blue whale skeletal structure. The vertebrae are of bronze suspended on yacht masts and wires, with oak ribs and jaws fixed to these. Two layers of glass flex over the structure - the red 'flesh' at bone level, with the outer ribbed skin floating over this to create a veil to the views, to glow at night and to provide the shelter.


Baleen glass tubes create an entrance and screen light and whistle in the wind. 


Groundscaping is of undulating 'belly flesh' of colour and natural pools of rainwater. Sit on a jaw or rib if you're tired.


Music by Martyn Bennett


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